Sunday, 18 September 2011

Grandad's House renovation

Again I must welcome new followers, thanks for following me although I so rarely post anything at the moment!  Sorry I haven't been able to mention individual followers, I'm finding it very difficult to find time to keep up but you are all very welcome.

Here are some photos of my old childhood dolls house made by my Grandad.  It had been stored away for at least twenty years so it all looked a little run down.

I have now repainted the interior and made a start on one bedroom, the lounge and the kitchen, putting a few bits of old furniture in that I've had from childhood or bought.  The house is a little rough and chunky (made for a child's hands) and a bit vague in scale and era, but it will be a good place for displaying bits and pieces of vintage furniture I pick up. I am hoping the kitchen will be fully kitted out with Brimtoy pieces eventually if I ever manage to get in the top bid on ebay!

Bedroom has dressing table I believe by Kensalcraft, chair is by Twigg and beds and little stool unknown, I think it's a bathroom stool.  Lounge has fireplace by Barton, bureau by Tri-ang, radiogram by Kleeware, and vintage handmade three piece suite and embroidered doily carpet.  Kitchen has a Brimtoy dresser (so cute and retro!), and a few Barton things.  Not sure who made the cooker.

Meanwhile, my new little mini has been keeping me extremely busy....