Thursday, 14 April 2011

Still here!

Hi again, and welcome to all new followers, thanks for your comments!  I haven't logged in for a while but am still here and working on mini things whenever I have a spare moment.  I have a lot of catching up to do on reading other blogs too!  Various reasons for my absence include a toddler who no longer takes naps, and being rather pregnant (currently 27 weeks) - I'm feeling quite exhausted for most of the time and I guess I can expect even less time once the baby is born!

I now have two more houses to work on (as if I didn't have enough).  My old childhood dollshouse is now with me, built by my grandad, and currently being filled with vintage furniture (roughly 1:16 scale), and a 1970's Lundby Gothenburg!  I shall post some photos when they are ready.


Norma said...

I missed this when it was posted. Don't you hate it when the little ones decide they're too grown up for nap time! Especially when you really need one yourself :)

How wonderful that you have your childhood dollhouse. And I'm looking forward to seeing your Lundby, as you say about 1:16/1:18 but they're not famous for their sense of scale in accessories sometimes! I've got some Lundby pieces that I bought in the 80s with the intention of making a modern style house but it just never happened. I actually really like the scale, in fact I prefer it to 1:12. Look forward to seeing these older houses when you get time to photgraph and post. Take care :)

Norma said...

Thanks for your note on my blog re Pinterest, if you email me I'll send you an invitation - it's the only way you can join these days. My email is

Hope you are well.

Becky said...

Hi Norma, thanks but I've managed to join up by requesting an invite on the website, and am already playing around with it! Only one more week before my due date, hoping to find some time to post a bit more often on here once the baby is born. I'm sure there will be some very late nights!