Monday, 9 January 2012

Miniatures in Berlin (part 2)

Britannia House
It must have been back in the late 80's I cut out an article from a magazine all about Britannia House, by Kevin Mulvany and Susan Rogers.  I still have the article (is there some copyright infringement if I scan it onto here?), and I still look at the photos adoringly from time to time as that's what really sparked off my interest in 1:12 scale.  When we booked a holiday to Berlin I was amazed to find not only that there is a miniatures museum there, but also that this house is on display.  I couldn't wait to see it!

Wonderfully detailed balcony by John Watkins who sadly died last year.

I had never realised the large carpets were in needlepoint, it must have taken months!

There was a lot of reflective light on the glass back of the house so it was very difficult to take good pictures, these were the best I could get.

Welcome again to new followers, and thank you to existing followers for being so patient!  Sorry my posts are so sporadic, hopefully when family life settles down I shall have time to post a little more.


Garden of Miniatures said...

Many Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos.This great collection is really amazing! Jeannette

Andy said...


I remember reading about Britania House a few years ago, and have seen a few pictures of it in books, but I have always wondered what happened to it, and now I know!! Thank you for posting the photos, I've never seen pictures of the bedroom before!

Norma said...

It looks incredible, what a delight it must have been to see it.

Regarding scanning the mag, so long as you are only doing a little bit of it and you acknowledge the source it shouldn't be a problem.

Becky said...

Hello Jeannette, yes the collection is fascinating, not sure how far you are from Berlin but definitely worth a visit if you are nearby!

Hello Andy - the article I have I think was before the house was auctioned off for charity and I never found out what happened to it until now either. It was lovely to see, shame the photos don't do it justice. The two bedrooms and the Colefax and Fowler designed drawing room are my favourites.

Hi Norma, I shall try to find time to scan the magazine article in. I'm not entirely sure of the source though, it was a magazine supplement of a newspaper but no idea which one as I must have cut off the relevant parts!

BLANCHE said...

J'Adore the Britannia House! Specialmente il salotto, ma non sapevo che la camera da letto e lo studio erano così belli, perchè sul libro di Mulvany&Rogers non compaiono. Grazie per le foto.