Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Morning room sofa

I re-upholstered and painted this sofa...a lot of tea-staining later and I think I'm happy with the result, though still not sure about the gold.  I think it probably needs to be seen in the finished room.  It's for the morning room in Manderley.  I'm not exactly sticking to the novel (I'd need a huge mansion for that), but I am using some of the descriptions of the rooms to influence the decorations and contents.  The morning room should be filled with rhododendrons and will take it's colour mainly from them. I made a few from tissue paper and punched leaves, but there will be many more to make.  The sofa fabric is a hydrangea print - I used the reverse to give it a more faded feel (the front side is a very vibrant pink).

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Norma said...

Maybe you could try a little dark stain, or a bit of burnt umber acrylic on a bit of cloth pehaps, rubbed over the wood to give a little aged patina?? I'd be a bit reluctant to play around with it too much tho for fear of getting some stain on the fabric.